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CARNIVAL JOB: Daredevil / Conman
JOINED: May 8th, 2017
SOUL COLOUR: dark purple

✧HORNS: small, dark grey horns poking up through his hair, slightly curved inwards
✧FANGS: eye teeth extending past what is considered normal, not so long that they curl past his lower lip but long enough to note when he speaks or grins

1ST CONTRACT: His desperation to kill his own boredom led him to seek out the Ringmaster, asking only for video games and a job that puts his skills to good use in exchange.

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] Hoshiroyama


Dec. 31st, 2020 12:01 am
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FREQUENCY: 528.31373
DESCRIPTION: Once he determines who is trying to get in contact with him, he'll answer. Generally he's always listening. You probably won't miss him.

LOCATION: box taped to door
DESCRIPTION: There's an empty Nindento Flip box taped to the door, with LUCIFER written on it in marker. Leave mail for him there, or slide it under the door, which he's more likely to notice.
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Constructive criticism, questions, praise, etc are accepted and appreciated here. Comments will be screened and anon will be allowed, with IP addresses tracked. Be polite, but don't be afraid to be harsh; I will do my best to work harder.

Comments regarding permissions will be unscreened. Urushihara/Lucifer won't generally do more than be annoying as fuck, but he does have a tendency to manipulate people's will and feed off of their emotions. Sometimes he can press an issue in someone's mind, exaggerating the slight emotion they felt until it has grown into something big and scary. Irritation to fury. Disappointment to despair. Anxiety to raw terror. You know. The works.

Also, Urucifer isn't the kind of guy to monologue. If pre-battle conversation takes too long, he really will just shoot you right in the face. Let me know how you feel about that, too.

As for Urucifer, I'm pretty much good with anything. Fight him, torture him, rape him for all I care. Just don't kill him (Not that I care, but he's immortal, luckily for him), and leave an opening for counter-attacks.

Basically if you have any kind of question, come at me.
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Name: Lucifer
Housing: Trailer #12
Job: Daredevil / Conman

Age: ???
Gender/Sex: Male
Height: 155cm
Voice: Young and clear ; sarcastic, lazy drawl; amused lilt; very rare, slight lisp
Eyes: Purple; pupils may appear slitted and opalescent
Hair: Dark purple; falls a little past shoulders
Clothes: When out or when performing, wears high, heeled black boots and a long, strapped black coat. At home, wears a white tee with light purple sleeves; cuffed jeans OR black shorts; sandals OR black hi-tops when he wears shoes; two small, purple plugs in the lobe of each ear.
Languages: English, Japanese, Entean (the language of Ente Isla) (PLEASE NOTE: He has limited kanji skills)

Notable Extras:
- Black, feathered wings when powered up.
- Has also, on rare occasions, been known to let white wings out, too.
- He appears, sounds, and acts 14 and is legally registered as 18, despite being far older.
- He's badly allergic to cats and dust.
- He gets carsick on long car rides.
- Changes from Carnival contract include elongated eye teeth and small, dark grey horns


Fallen Angel - Flight, levitation, magic bullets, alchemy, heightened speed and agility, explosive feathers, electricity, teleportation, miscellaneous magic skills.

Immortality - Heightened healing ability, inability to die.

Emotional Powers - Feeds off of despair, fear, hatred, anger, and other negative emotions, has a strong power of suggestion, can easily tell if someone is lying or what their ulterior motives may be.

Other Abilities:

Skilled hacker and good with technology in general.

People skills aren't so great.
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Name: Yuu
Contact: Plurk: Hoshiroyama
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Lucifer / Hanzo Urushihara
Age: Appears 15, legally 18 in Japan due to falsified paperwork, canonly... really old. At least over 2000.
Species: Fallen angel.
Canon: The Devil Is A Part-Timer!
Canon Point: Post-anime series, end of Book 5.
Character Info: http://hataraku.wikia.com/wiki/Hanz%C5%8D_Urushihara
Personality: Both the English and Japanese audios in the anime give us different insights into Lucifer's personality, but they line up the same. The English dub has him a little bit snarkier, and the Japanese has him a little bit less jerkass-y.

In either version, he's not particularly unkind. He acts out of selfish need but occasionally does things for sheer good intentions, such as an incident in episode 13 when he sells his external hard drive to help the poor household rake in some money. He calls Ashiya an ambulance when the latter is sick from poisoned food, and picks up Emi's belongings when she falls down the stairs. Unfortunately, his status as the series chew toy often makes his best intentions lead the characters into bad luck. The other characters treat him poorly, and he often calls them out on it, though his complaints are often downplayed to mere background noise. As he's treated with no respect, from not being invited out to eat to not even getting a place at the family table when they have guests over, he rarely shows respect to anyone. The only characters who seem to be able to get him to do anything are Suzuno and Maou, and even then, Lucifer will make his complaints heard. As such, his loyalties generally shift to align with his motivations, going from Watcher of the Angels to fallen angel to Demon General to teenager in the legal custody of Sadou Maou in the span of a few hundred years.

His personality doesn't seem to have changed much in his transition from Demon General Lucifer to basement-dweller Hanzō Urushihara. He has a distaste for humans and loves to cause chaos, though he'll do so when he can be bothered to put forth the effort. More than once he's shown an interest in returning to Heaven, but it's plainly apparent that he's at his happiest in the small, crowded apartment where Maou and Ashiya live. He's constantly bickering with Emi and Ashiya, but seems more in-tune with Chiho's feelings towards Maou than the other male characters. He also willingly, though begrudgingly, helps out with housework or cooking when urged to by Suzuno. Maou remains the only one he is steadfastly loyal to, though he does whine for food more often than is befitting a demon lord.

When it comes to productivity, despite his bursts of laziness, there are also bursts of insight. His time as both the Watcher and as one of Satan's generals proves he is resourceful and cunning. The fact that he was able to learn to hack and navigate a technology that doesn't exist on his home world in such a short time showcases his intelligence and adaptability. The GPS trackers he placed on Emi and Suzuno end up becoming the key reason that Sariel doesn't kill Emi and defeat the main characters, which is a good sign of his foresight. In addition, though his warnings are undermined as his usual snark, he does very strongly hint that Ashiya's sickness was caused by the celestial force supplement that Suzuno was using to poison the demons' food. He likes his video games and takes pride in being a hermit, using it as an excuse to not help the landlady with selling souvenirs and even boasting that "Being a NEET is awesome!" after taking down Olba during Maou's fight with Sariel.

A rarer side of Lucifer shows that he craves acceptance that he was never given as an archangel and is hardly given now as a leech in Maou's apartment. He has a tendency to be easily offended and oversensitive, but at times in the novels aims to surpass others' poor images of him, changing from the demon general that burned down Emilia's village and kidnapped Chiho to the "teenager" that proclaimed Heaven on Earth was the tiny apartment with his family. If shown any kindness or respect, he would be uncertain how to handle it, likely spurning the affections or feigning arrogance at first, then later growing fond of the individual in question. Having Lucifer as an ally is difficult to accomplish but worth the effort in the end, for why else would Lucifer be so loyal to the Maou household, given how he's treated?

Abilities: As a fallen angel with fully functional feathered wings, he can fly and levitate. He has great speed and agility in flight, and his wings can explode at will. He can do basic magic skills like shoot bullets of arcane energy, create electrical storms, and teleport. Since he's one of the ancient angels, he is unable to be killed, though obviously sustaining a serious amount of damage will put him out of commission for awhile. As one of Satan's generals, he also has the ability (and tendency) to feed off of negative emotions like fear, hatred, anger, and despair, and he has a strong power of suggestion, which makes it easier for him to invoke these emotions in others, and easy for him to tell if someone is lying. Less under "powers" and more under "skills," he is a talented hacker and is generally good with technology.

Soul Colour: Dark purple.
Ideal Jobs: Patrol, Game Operator, Daredevil, Thief, Conman
Relevant Experience: Patrol - As one of Satan's generals, he is already used to scouting out enemy invasions and fighting them off if needed. He prefers not to fight if it can be avoided, but if it can't be, he will quite happily attempt to blast someone into pieces.

Game Operator - He's constantly bored and always looking for tasks to occupy his time and mind. Since he is a gamer by nature, he would (probably) not be lying when attempting to sell how enjoyable a time-killing game might be.

Daredevil - He is a bit of a show-pony and takes great pride in his abilities, especially once he gets away from the hostile environment that is his apartment in Japan. Whether it be disappearing or exploding an object with his magic or performing insane aerial tricks with his wings, any acknowledgement to boost his pride would please him. (Read as: he's a bit of an attention whore.)

Thief/Conman - He's a fallen angel for a reason, and if he had to be labeled with one sin, it would be pride. He detests most people around him, and would gladly lie, cheat, blackmail, bribe, or outright steal things he or his boss needs. His small and unimposing size would make him less likely to seem like the culprit if he got caught, but chances are? He wouldn't get caught.

Reason for Joining: Boredom. No, really. Lucifer has a nasty habit of selling his infinite amount of time and his rather useful skillset for nothing more than a temporary reprieve from the utter dullness that is immortality. Chances are, he would ask the Ringmaster if he could be part of the Circus just because of that same boredom that led him to join Satan so long ago. In exchange... Honestly, he'd ask for video games. That's all he wants because that's all he does when he's not doing some form of evil minion work. He'd want WiFi or video games.


Link to a thread.


Lucifer had never been to the circus. The demon world had their own disturbing forms of celebration, while angels did nothing of the sort. And in Japan, he'd never had the pleasure. He heard Satan and the hero Emilia gush about taking their strange little daughter to the amusement park, but it wasn't quite the same thing as a carnival. Despite being a bit of a hermit by nature, even Lucifer couldn't find much to complain about with such light and life around him.

True, it was all a little too happy for him, but beggars couldn't be choosers. That was also why Lucifer had elected to ride the Ferris wheel, just to see what all the fuss was about. As the metal monstrosity creaked and struggled to lift him higher, inch by boring inch, he continued to wonder what the big deal was. Was this just what people did to give themselves the illusion of flight? Or was it meant to be scary, being so high up, helpless to save one's own life should the thing collapse and plummet you towards certain death?

Lucifer leaned over the edge of his seat, rocking back and forth in it as the machine finally jerked to a sudden and yet somehow oh-so-predictable stop. He squinted, his eyes glinting in the dark as he tried to find out if this had been done on purpose. As the moments ticked by, he couldn't help himself anymore. It hadn't even been a minute, but the lack of movement was too much for him. Scoffing, he spread his wings and got out of his seat. Two flaps and he was gone, over Gamer's Circle and as far away from the Ferris wheel as he could get. He alighted by the front entrance, where he expected there would be less people to see him do what was almost certainly against the rules. Hoping no one had seen that, he folded his wings smugly behind him, cast one last, disdainful look towards the malfunctioning Ferris wheel, and went off to find something else to do.
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Urushihara's Theme


Call again. Call again. Deep-fright! Chill-king! Choke-die!

これじゃ足りないよ ... そこにあるじゃない
もっとよこしなよ ... 満たされないんだ

欲しいものはなんでも 一歩も動かないで
この指の一つで 総てを手にいれるんだ

天の国の栄光なんてね、 くだらないよ ... 此処が楽園なんだ

これで終わりかい ... そんなわけないね?
全部よこしなよ ... 満ち足りたいんだ

知りたけりゃ教えよう まさにね、 全能なんだ
この指の一つで 知識の実はいらないね

たかが人が創りしものでも、 構わないよ ... 此処は楽園なんだ

(お前の魔王と勇者への怨みと絶望。。。 この僕が糧とし、

天の国の栄光なんてね、くだらないよ ... 何処が楽園なんだい
悦びなんてひとつもない ... それでも祝福されたいかい?
はたらかない!疲れるだけだよ、 ここに居れば成し遂げられるから
お腹がすけばご飯くれる、 買う物の方がやってくる


Call again. Call again. Deep-fright! Chill-king! Choke-die!

Kore ja tarinai yo ... soko ni aru janai
Motto yo koshi na yo ... mitasa renai nda

Hoshii mono wa nan demo ... ippo mo ugokanaide
Kono yubi no hitotsu de ... subete o te ni ireru nda

Ten no kuni no eikou nante ne, kudaranai yo ... koko ga rakuen'na nda
Nani mo umidasu tsumori mo nai! Nani ka nashitogeru tsumori mo nai!
Daten no kanbina etsuraku ni kono mi o yudanete shimau dake
Taikutsu sa senaide

Kore de owari kai ... son'na wakenai ne?
Zenbu yokoshi na yo ... michitaritai nda

Shiritakerya oshieyou masani ne, zen'nouna nda
Kono yubi no hitotsu de chishiki no mi wa iranai ne

Takaga hito ga tsukurishi monode mo, kamawanai yo ... koko wa rakuen'na nda
Nani mo umidasu tsumori mo nai! Nani ka nashitogeru tsumori mo nai!
Daraku no hate no kairaku ni kono mi ototte shimou dake
Taikutsu shinai yo ne

(Omae no maou to yuusha e no urami to zetsubou... Kono boku ga kate to shi,
genjitsu ni shite yaru. Chaban wa sono hen de owari da.
Boku ga maku o hiite yaru yo!)(1)

Ten no kuni no eikou nante ne, kudaranai yo ... doko ga rakuen'na ndai
Yorokobi nante hitotsu mo nai ... soredemo shukufuku sa retai kai?
Kaminotsukai toka iu kuse ni buchoutzura no yatsura bakari
Hinikuna monda yo ne 〜
Hatarakanai! Tsukareru dakeda yo, koko ni ireba nashitoge rareru kara
Onaka ga sukeba gohan kureru, kau mono no kata ga yattekuru
Rokujou hitoma no etsuraku ni konoyo no subete ga aru nda yo?
Mou, hatarakitakunai! Sou, NI-TO ga saikou! Aa, onaka ga suita!



Call again. Call again. Deep-fright! Chill-king! Choke-die!

It's not enough... It's not what I want.
Don't give me any more... It won't satisfy me.

I will not move, no matter what it is you want from me.
I can get anything, by moving only one finger.

The glory of the kingdom of Heaven is full of shit... Paradise is right here.
I don’t want to do anything! I don’t want to accomplish anything!
I surrender this body to the luscious pleasure of the fallen.
This isn't boring anymore!

Is this the end, or... You won't leave me here like this, right?
I want it all! I want to be happy!

I can teach you all you want, if I am your God.
I control the fruit of knowledge, by moving only one finger.

Even if this place is of human creation... Paradise is right here.
I don’t have to do anything! I don’t have to accomplish anything!
I will become corrupted by the luscious pleasure of the fallen.
I'm not bored anymore!

(To you, the Devil King and the Hero, grudge and despair...
Feed yourselves on that! Let's end this farce already!
I'll pull back the curtain!)(1)

The glory of the kingdom of Heaven is full of shit... Where is the challenge in Paradise?
I refuse it with grace, yet you still want to be blessed?
These messengers of God bear unsmiling faces.
Isn't it ironic?

This doesn't work for me! I'll just get tired, so let me do what I can do here!
If my stomach wants food then let me have rice! If I want something then let me buy it!
All the pleasures in this world reside within this six-tatami space.
I don't want to work! Being a NEET is what's best! Aah... I'm hungry... (2)


Translator's Notes:

The lyric book which accompanied the CD had basic lyrics written in kanji has only been screencapped, and never written out in text. To my knowledge, my transcription is the only one currently out there, and I did my best.

(1) This part was spoken from timestamp 2:19 - 2:30 in the linked video. I struggled to hear this part clearly and in the end had a friend transcribe the kanji for me. "Urami," the word I chose to translate as "Grudge" here, can mean something more akin to resentment or bitterness than honest rage. In addition, "Yuusha" can translate to "Bravery," but here it made more sense to use the less common translation of "Hero" in regards to Emilia.

(2) Literal translation of "おなかがすいた" would be "My stomach is empty," but in Japanese, that's just how one says "I'm hungry." I translated it less literally for the sake of the lyrics.
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Arguments with everyone from Sariel to Michael had grown worse.

Lucifer did not match their appearances in too many ways, but he remained well known. The leader of the archangels. The most wise. The mos powerful. The most beautiful.

He hated everything.

This time, it was Gabriel. They fought, fought about how Lucifer was second-generation and did not deserve his title, about how he was unworthy and ungrateful.

Lucifer thought Gabriel might suffocate, with his head so far up God's ass.

The war was coming. It was already in progress, little battles destroying what little of Heaven remained after Ignora's experiments were realized, after the humans and angels experimented on fled to the new world known as the Red Moon. What remained of Heaven was broken and barren, but the angels fed from the tree of life, suffocating it and draining it all the same.

Gabriel said that Lucifer was the herald of Heaven's destruction. He was the first angel to be born with his color palate, the first angel to be born as a human. Gabriel and Sariel had been made immortal by their work with the scientist, but Lucifer had been made immortal in her very womb.

Lucifer had a choice to make. Whether he fought with his mother or father. Whether he remained loyal to his family or his friends. Whether he fought alongside the angels of Heaven, or descended to those poor humans and angels that had been tainted by the Sephira fragments Ignora had been experimenting with.

The angels hardly needed any help.

Lucifer turned his back to Gabriel, his white wings flashing in the sun as he opened a portal to the new world. He did not need to make his point verbally. It was quite clear he had chosen Hell. Chosen his father.

Chosen the Demon King, Sataniel.


He could no longer think.

The war had not ended well for either side - few ever do - but after the angels' victory, those on Sataniel's side had scattered to the wind. Or... Had it been Satan that had taken up his mantle?

Lucifer couldn't remember. The angels and humans that had been defeated had scattered like feathers on the wind. Feathers. So many bloody feathers sticking to his skin, to the ground below him. A moment later he realized he was on his side. When had he been knocked down?

He wasn't sure if he recognized the faces of the angels who were attacking him. Lucifer didn't belong anywhere now. The humans and angels that lived on the Red Moon, the ones that survived... They'd become something else. Horns and tails, hooves and claws and feathers. Larger sizes, sharper fangs. Lucifer fought not to cry.

Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth, and he refused to cough, refused to let whatever archangel was sneering down at him know that he was choking on his own blood.

Lucifer had chosen the wrong side, according to them. To him, he'd simply chosen the losing side.

He felt the knife beneath the bone of his wing, painstakingly carving away flesh and feathers for no purpose other than to cause him agony. His feathers were no longer all pure white. Some were, retaining what purity he had left, but others had darkened to grey or even black, the dappled colors of some birds he'd always seen as more beautiful than the plain white doves.

The whip fell across his side, his shoulders, and he turned his face into the dirt and closed his eyes. The ground was cold, and it felt wonderful. He focused on that cold, and not the burning of the pain, of the blood. He winced at the cold that flowed down his wounds a moment later, before realizing it didn't hurt.

Holy water. The angels laughed as he flinched from it, but Lucifer smirked into the ground.

His wings were no longer white, but he was still a celestial being. Holy water did not hurt him. They poured more, and while Lucifer cringed again, the action was on purpose. Let them think it hurt. It distracted from the real pain.

It wasn't the first time he'd been so methodically tortured, and it would not be the last. Heaven had fallen. There was no hierarchy amongst the angels anymore. The ones that beat him had nothing better to do, though he'd come on a mission of mercy, to check on Gabriel and Michael and the tree, to see if any angels wanted to come to the Red Moon, which had lost the war but now flourished.

He could not remember if Sataniel had died in the battle. He did not know if Satan would become the new king, or if he had to wait, or if he had fallen.

The torture continued. Lucifer felt bones break in his side and hand and wings. His legs were spread and he was defiled, laughing at the thought of these pure angels defiling him by forcing themselves on him. As he was whipped, as runes were burned into his flesh, as his pure white feathers were torn out by the handful as they tried to get a better grip on him, he laughed, and it was the only thing that kept them from killing him, afraid to try.

It also kept him from screaming, from crying, from begging for it to stop. Another bone in his wing snapped, and his eyes snapped open, violet but tinged with red, a horrible sunset. Where was his father? Where was God?

What if Sataniel was dead?

What if Satan had fallen?

Surrounded by the pain and the hate and the laughing angels, Lucifer watched the fallen and bloodied feathers on the ground. They smoldered and sparked, turned black.

Then they exploded, and the angels scattered, screaming.


Sataniel had fallen. Satan had taken up his mantle, and become the new Demon King. As the demons had so little magic left, he had no choice but to unite each and every one. The Black Goat clan, or what was left of it, followed him without needing to be coaxed. Others, like Alciel and the Iron Scorpions, were easily tempted with promise of peace and happiness for the demons involved. Here and there were demons that lashed out, irritated at the lost of the original king.

Lucifer was not one of these demons.

He had seen Satan taken in by Lailah, and knew what it meant; like him, Satan had a taste of the other side. He would never be as corrupt as the demons, just as Lucifer would never be as pure as the angels.

If corruption and purity were all they were known for, at least. Lucifer was having trouble finding complete corruption amongst the demons, just as he'd learned early on that even the most powerful angels were anything but kind or pure.

Men with faces like skulls and angels with wings changed to leather or metal and demons altered further by Ignora's experiments gathered in droves. They gathered under Satan's rule, but also to oppose it. Demons that had once been angels went mysteriously missing. Goblins and trolls that had been lower to Satan before the original Demon King had fallen turned up dead.

And Lucifer watched, now, as three demons, two with the heads of bulls and one with the lower body of some terrible wolf, approached the goat-legged demon that was now his king. After Sataniel fell, Satan took over right away. Alciel, always on good terms with both demons, had become the first of his rumored-to-be "procession" of Demon Generals. But Alciel was not here, and Satan was engrossed in paperwork.

Lucifer assumed he'd learned to read from Lailah, but that wasn't important.

It was in a rush of black wings that the two bull-headed demons were separated from the third. What happened to them happened out of sight, a crunch, choking and squelching, a bellow of inhuman pain. A moment later, a beam of magenta light had disintegrated the wolf-bodied demon in his clueless approach towards Satan.

The assassination attempts taken care of, Lucifer stepped out into the open, approaching Satan nonchalantly with his wings folded behind his back, a sign of respect.

"You wanted to see me, sire?"

And Satan, completely unaware his life had been in jeopardy mere moments before, looked to his old companion with a fanged smile.

"Yes, Lucifer. I have a proposition for you."


This world had no room for him.

Lucifer spread his wings, but they were crumpled, the space too small to accommodate his full wingspan. He looked outside, at the sun, the clouds, and ached to be there. He didn't care about Heaven or Hell. He simply wanted to fly, to feel.

When he'd been in Heaven, he'd been trapped by the Archangels. In Hell, he stayed on duty in the Devil's Castle. After his confrontation with the Hero, he'd fallen into the trap that was Purgatory. Even before he'd been born, he'd been caged and tortured and experimented on in his mother's womb.

This was different, somehow. In all those places, he at least had the power to be himself.

He folded his wings and sat, preening them, combing his fingers through feathers as black as pitch, pin-feathers stinging his fingertips and making him smile, remembering.

He got to his feet quickly what felt like moments later, though he knew he'd been sitting there for a long time. He cocked his head, listening to footsteps ascending a staircase.

In a flurry of feathers, he'd withdrawn his wings, knocking over the trashcan beside the table as they receded into his back. He sat in front of the computer and pulled up a browser just as Ashiya arrived home.

Already, he was yelling about trash on the floor, and Urushihara never leaves the house, so the least he can do is clean up around here, or at the very least he can clean up his own messes.

Unseen, beneath the desk holding his laptop, Urushihara played with a lone black feather, murmuring "Yes, Ashiya," without having heard him.


"Look, my child. It's an angel, coming to help us. Our prayers have been answered."

Lucifer landed amidst the humans, so taken aback by his grace and beauty that they did not seem to notice or care that his wings were raven-black. He folded them behind him, watching the humans gather around him in awe. Then the awe turned to horror as he was joined by Alciel, his whipping scorpion tail anything but angelic. Lucifer spoke, his voice guided by Heaven and Hell, heard by all.

"Humans of Ente Isla. I bring glad tidings," he said, smirking and spreading his arms wide. "In order to stop the in-fighting of the demons on the Red Moon, we have come to an accord. We will stop tearing each other apart, and we will stop invading your lands. But you must give us something in return."

He fell silent, watching reactions, feeling them. He was certain many believed his words were too good to be true, and dreaded his demands. He was just as certain that even more of them would give him almost anything, if only out of desperation. As his dramatic silence continued, a middle-aged man cried out.

"What is it you ask for?!"

"Demons have overcrowded the Red Moon, and our sources of energy have been depleted. We are bored and restless and agitated, and that is why so many have invaded Ente Isla. No more." He shook his head, his eyes deathly serious. "We will take part of Ente Isla for ourselves. The center of the cross will become demonic territory."

He raised a hand to silence the cries of outrage and protest, which lowered to a dull murmur as he continued.

"We may travel to the surrounding islands, but I assure you, these travels will not be invasions. The other four islands will remain human territory. We will even use our strength to help in transferring you. However, the center of the islands will become ours. With these terms, you will see the battles become fewer, the human casualties far less common."

"What if we refuse?"

It was a boy now, a teenager in the process of becoming a man. Calmly, violet eyes turned onto him, but as he spoke the pupils of those eyes burned with a terrible opalescent sheen.

"What if we don't want you demons on our world?!"

Lucifer laughed, the edge of insanity playing on his next words. "Child, there are already demons on your world. Look around you. Do you think we demons alone slay each other in disputes for food, for territory?" The boy faltered, and Lucifer continued harshly. "Hardly. Angels did it, and demons do it, but you humans are the worst of all. Give us Isla Kentourm, and you will find the infighting growing less. Retreat from here, and protect your miserable lives, and those of your families."

"You're not a demon!" the boy snapped suddenly, making Lucifer narrow his eyes and causing the crowd to tense and draw back. "You're not an angel, you're not a demon! You're nothing but a tyrant, just like your king!"

Before Lucifer could retaliate by tongue or magic, the boy's mother stepped forward. She was an elderly woman - he wondered how she could seem so much older than him, for he was so young - but she shoved him behind her all the same. Her voice was terrified when she spoke, but Lucifer felt respect for her; there was a steadiness there, a loyalty to her family that Lucifer so rarely felt in anyone.

"Please, Demon General Lucifer," she pleaded, clearly knowing exactly what those black wings meant. "He's only a child! He doesn't mean the things he says; he doesn't understand!"

"Understand what?" It was another man, older than the boy but still quite young. Lucifer had difficulty gauging humans' ages. "Understand that demons need to kill and maim people just to keep their sorry selves alive? That they're invading our land because they have no place to hide on their own world anymore?!"

Lucifer would have humoured him, if not for the fact that he and another human lunged forward. They did not target him, but Alciel, silent and intimidating behind Lucifer's back this entire time. Alciel killed one with a blow of his tail, impassive, but Lucifer was quicker than Alciel could ever hope to be; he slowed the other human with a wave of a wing, feathers blowing his kneecaps out before Lucifer killed him with a magic shot straight through the head. The crowd gasped, cried, but no one turned to run.

"We will not harm you," Lucifer said, gritting his teeth as he turned red and violet eyes back on the crowd. "That is, unless you harm us first, or attempt to."

"Lucifer--" Alciel began, but Lucifer cut him off.

"No, Alciel. These were the terms of our lord Satan, Demon King of all three worlds." Alciel fell silent, allowed Lucifer to glare out over the humans. His wings arched back over him slightly. "If you humans attack us, we will kill you. You invited us here, by developing your churches and building your walls and gathering your armies. This is the closest you will get to a peace treaty from us. If you want war, so be it."

"We'd rather wage war than surrender to you," snapped the boy again, and his mother moaned pitiously, horrified by her son's behavior. What made it worse for her was that her son was one of few who wanted to protest. Most were too afraid, and many saw logic in Lucifer, and Satan's, proposal. A fifth of their land was so little to give in exchange for so many lives.

"Boy," Lucifer said darkly. "Come here."

The boy's face went deathly white, and the mother screamed, begged, pleaded for Lucifer to show him mercy. After a moment in which the boy did not move, the woman cried, "Please punish me instead! It's my fault! I did not raise him like this!"

Lucifer smiled, beckoning.

"Then come, Ma'am." Those beautiful and terrible eyes turned on the boy again. "Will you let your mother sacrifice herself for you, boy?" Alciel's tail lashed from the corner of Lucifer's eye. Everyone in the crowd waited silently.

To Lucifer's disgust, the boy just stared, then looked down, all but bowing his head. The woman trembled, but as she saw her son unwilling to take his rightful place at Lucifer's feet, she kept her honor intact and approached Lucifer.

"Kneel," he whispered, and his eyes seemed to be the only light present, despite the clear sky, the fact that the sun had not completely set. The woman, sobbing, got to her knees, praying to a god that had abandoned Lucifer so long ago. No one stepped forward to save her, not even as Lucifer raised his hand, glowing, crackling energy trapped in the world between his fingers and wrist.

The woman prayed, and the humans watched in horror, and Lucifer exhaled, tilting his head back, reveling in all of it. The fear, the hatred, the grief, the absolute terror in the air. His lips twisted into a smile that was meant for God itself, as though to say, "See what I've done without your guidance?"

Then the explosion came, an orb of light the colour of a sunset, and the woman looked up at Lucifer with utter shock in her eyes.

"Go back to your wretched son, woman," Lucifer said. Then he turned to Alciel. "Prepare the settlers. Isla Kentourm belongs to us now."

Alciel nodded, flying a ways into the sky and disappearing into a portal. Lucifer, alone in the crowd of humans, smirked at them. Then they scattered, preparing to move, no one wanting to be left behind when the demons came to claim their world.


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